Mastering Social Media for Schools

Keys to Content Creation with Brian Bridges

May 30, 2022 Andrea Gribble Episode 112
Mastering Social Media for Schools
Keys to Content Creation with Brian Bridges
Show Notes
  1. This episode is also known as ‘Keys to C2 with B2’ - and it is brimming with content creation ideas!
  2. Brian shares his unique formula for a great Facebook post. It begins a certain way and ends a certain way - and he explains all the reasons behind it!
  3. Building an army of storytellers is key when you are a one-person communication department. Brian utilizes a staff person at each building who receives a stipend and a student social media team. He breaks down how he trains them and what they are responsible for.
  4. QR codes are back - and Brian puts them to use with his Jot Form that staff use to submit content for social media. It’s a genius idea that is actually working. You’re going to want to listen!
  5. Authentic stories are the best, and the story shared about a high school student named Andy went viral for all the right reasons. Learn the steps Brian followed to share that story with the world.


Brian Bridges

Director of Communications at Lake Hamilton School District, Arkansas

Past-President of ArkaNSPRA


Twitter: @brianjbridges 






  • QR Sticker to gather content from staff - click here
  • Story about Andy - first story and the game!
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