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Mastering Social Media for Schools

Andrea Gribble

Do you manage social media for a K12 school? Then this podcast is for you! Struggling to find time for social media? Wondering why people won’t engage on your Facebook page? Can’t get content from your staff? Trying to get students to follow your Instagram Stories? These are just some of the big struggles that #SocialSchool4EDU CEO and social media storyteller, Andrea Gribble, digs into on the Mastering Social Media for Schools podcast. In addition to exclusive interviews and step-by-step strategies, each episode is designed to inspire and empower you on your journey to master school social media! This podcast is meant for anyone in K12 education - public schools, private schools, charter schools, online schools, tech/career centers - we serve them all! Grab insight into what’s working in hundreds of schools based on the experience of Andrea and her team. They directly manage more than 90 school districts, and coach/mentor more than 200 other schools. But Andrea didn’t always know what worked. When she started her business in 2014, she wished she had someone helping her answer questions like: What platform should I start with? How important is my school hashtag? Should every school in my district have its own Facebook page? What kind of videos do best? How do I represent everything that is going on in my school when I’m only one person? You’ll discover why thousands of educators follow Andrea’s advice on social media and even have fun while listening. Hit “subscribe” and get ready to master social media for your school!
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